Reference BAFI 32-7064 for all Instructions


No person may operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol.  It is unlawful for a boat owner to permit any person who is intoxicated to operate their vessel.   A boat operator may not operate a vessel in a careless manner that is grossly indifferent to other persons or their property, or travel at a speed greater than will permit a safe stop in a safe distance.

Fishing on the base is limited to active duty and retired military personnel and their dependents, BAFB civilian personnel, retired BAFB Civilian personnel with at least 20 years service, and their sponsored guests.  Guests must be accompanied by their sponsor.  Contractors do not have independent fishing rights, but may fish as guests.

Persons 16 years of age and older must obtain a BAFB Fishing Permit prior to fishing.  The BAFB Fishing Permit fee is $15.00, and the permit is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Persons engaged in fishing must obtain all fishing licenses required by Louisiana, in addition to the required BAFB permit and have such permits.  The fishing permit and licenses must be on the person while fishing on the reservation.  Fishing will be in accordance with Louisiana Fishing Regulations, except as further restricted by BAFI 32-7064 and BAFB authorities.

Except as follows, all fishermen must abide by Louisiana state size and creel limits on all water bodies on Barksdale.  Forest Ponds have a minimum size limit on bass and channel catfish of twelve (12) inches and creel limit of five (5) bass and ten (10) channel catfish.  Forest ponds are less than 5 acres in size and are designated as Dixon, Juanita, Flat, Steepbank, Texas, Woodduck, Spring, Tank, Guy and Jack’s Ponds.  Harmon Lake has a harvest limit for “bream” of 25 per fisherman per day.  This includes species such as Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, etc.

Fishing from bridges and Flag Lake spillway is prohibited.  Unauthorized personnel are not allowed on the spillway overflow or run-off structures.

Fishing devices known as yo-yos are permitted on Flag Lake during months of October through April only.  During waterfowl hunting season, fishing is restricted to the southern 1/3 of Flag Lake.  All other bodies of water are open to yo-yo fishing year around, except on water bodies closed during gun deer, waterfowl and turkey hunting seasons.

A maximum of 25 yo-yos per fisherman may be used.  Fishing with yo-yos is permitted only from one hour before official sunset to one hour after official sunrise.  No yo-yo may be baited or set prior to one hour before sunset.  All yo-yos must be tripped and unbaited and all caught fish removed by one hour after legal sunrise by the owner.  Each yo-yo, set hook, jug and trotline must be identified with the user’s name and phone number.  All lines, jug, hooks or yo-yos found to be in violation of this regulation will be confiscated and/or destroyed.  A set yo-yo is defined as one that has the line unwound with the spring latch being engaged and is able to be tripped.

Trotline, set hooks and jug fishing are permitted on all waterways, excluding forest ponds, Clear Lake, Austin Lake, and Red Horse Lake. No container that has contained any type of hazardous material or liquids that could possibly be toxic to the environment may be used. Each trotline must not have more than 25 hooks.  A maximum of five trotlines may be set out at one time, and no fisherman may have more than 50 hooks (combined total of ALL fishing methods) set out at any one time.  All lines and hooks must be checked at least every 12 hours.

Driving nails, spikes, screws, bolts, or other metal objects into trees is prohibited.

The taking of freshwater fish for commercial use is prohibited.  The use of fishing nets, hoop nets, wire nets, slat traps or other fish traps is prohibited, except for nets or traps used solely for the purpose of harvesting crawfish and wooden slat traps in Red Chute Bayou, Flat River, and Cutoff #2 for harvesting catfish only.  All other fish caught in traps must be immediately released.  A maximum of two wooden slat traps per person is allowed.  All traps and nets must be marked or tagged with the owner's name and phone number, if left unattended.  All required state recreational gear licenses must be in the possession of the fisherman using crawfish traps or slat traps.  Any fish caught in cast net that is not bait fish must be released immediately.  Cast netting for bait in forest ponds is prohibited.

**During the modern firearm deer hunting season, fishing is restricted to the lower or southern one-third of Flag Lake, Austin Lake, Harmon Lake and Clear Lake (within 100 yards of Clear Lake Bridge).

**During waterfowl hunting season, fishing is restricted to the southern one-third of Flag Lake, Austin Lake, Harmon Lake, Clear Lake (within 100 yards of Clear Lake Bridge), and all forest ponds, except Jacks Pond.  Persons may fish on the Red Chute cutoffs and on Red Horse Lake, provided fishing is done at least 150 yards from any waterfowl hunting activities. No fishing is allowed within 100 yards of the “Refuge” buoys marking the waterfowl hunting area in Flag Lake.

**During turkey hunting and muzzleloader deer seasons, any fishing restrictions will be posted by Natural Resources personnel.  During the remainder of the year, fishing areas are unrestricted unless otherwise posted.

All motor powered boats, including electric, must have current registration in owner’s home state or Louisiana.

No gas powered motors are allowed in Austin Lake, Clear Lake, forest ponds, or wetlands.

All boats, including canoes, and pirogues must be equipped with a Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, IV, or V personal flotation device (PFD) for each person on board.  All PFD’s carried on board must be serviceable, and the appropriate size for the intended wearer. On watercraft 16 feet in length or more, you must also have one Type IV Throwable PFD.  Persons 13 years old and younger must wear an approved PFD at all times while on board a watercraft.  Persons 16 years old and younger must wear an approved PFD at all times while a watercraft is underway.  All persons onboard a motorboat less than 16 feet which is being propelled by a hand tiller outboard motor shall be required to wear an approved personal flotation device while the motorboat is underway.  Operators of a vessel less than 26 feet propelled by hand tiller outboard motor, are required to use an engine cutoff switch while underway, if the motor is so equipped.

All persons boating on Red Chute Bayou must wear an approved PFD at all times. The use of canoes and pirogues on Red Chute Bayou is prohibited during floods.  Boating is not to be permitted on base waters when severe weather warnings are in effect.  When base lakes are under a small craft or lake wind advisory, all boat occupants must wear a PFD at all times.  All boaters must be in accordance with state, federal and base laws and regulations.