Barksdale - Hunting Safety Dates

All hunters having privileges to hunt unescorted on Barksdale must take the Base Hunter Safety Class. This class is designed to familiarize you with current policy and regulations as well as how our hunts are managed.  The class is usually around 1.5 hours long.








2018 Barksdale Hunter Safety Class Dates

Hunter Safety Classes


Barksdale Newcomers Hunter Safety Class Dates

(One-time class required for all hunters having privileges to hunt unescorted on Barksdale)

Thursday, 30 August @ 3:00 PM

Saturday, 8 September @ 8:00 AM   (Includes Intro to BAFB Hunting Class)

Thursday, 27 September @ 6:00 PM

Tuesday, 30 October @ 3:00 PM

Thursday, 15 November @ 3:00 PM

Tuesday, 04 December @ 6:00 PM


**All Classes will be held at the Natural Resources Office. Registration for classes not required.